Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Cireson ConfigMgr User Device Affinity app

The User Device Affinity app enables administrators, help desk staff, and other users to easily search, view, edit, and manage user to device relationships outside of the Configuration Manager Console.

With the User Device Affinity app, you can easily:

  1. View existing user to device relationships
  2. Associate new users to existing devices
  3. Remove users from existing devices
  4. Add new devices to existing users
  5. Remove devices from existing users
  6. Search and filter users and devices for management of UDA relationships
  7. Launch Remote Manage in the context of a computer

Associating users to their primary devices (user device affinity) is a great feature of Configuration Manager. It allows you to easily deploy applications to a user’s primary device (often referred to as ‘user centric software delivery’). It also provides helpful information to your Help Desk so when a user calls in for support, they can have information on what computer they might be using. The problem with user device affinity is getting it configured, and configured correctly, in your environment. There are over a half dozen ways to associate users to computers – some automated, however most manual – which can lead to mistakes. The Cireson User Device Affinity app easily allows an administrator to view and manage the relationships between users and devices. This process is completed outside the Configuration Manager Console, which reduces complexity and confusion.

Thanks to Cireson, who made this fantastic tool.

for more detail and download the tool visit on cireson 

credit goes to Cireson. 

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